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A new-look U Mumba aspect begin the house leg of their professional Kabaddi campaign on weekday with a reasonably neutral record, having won once against Telugu Titans and lost once against Jaipur Pink Panthers in their 2 matches thus far.

professional Kabaddi 2019: U Mumba look to require advantage of Puneri Paltans rough begin in initial match of home leg
U Mumba players in action against Jaipur Pink Panthers. Twitter/@U_Mumba
While that they had a solid outing against the Titans, their defeat at the hands of the Panthers was reproof to mention the smallest amount. The margin of defeat (23-42) would postpone several however head coach Sanjeev Kumar Baliyan, is not too distressed simply however.

"In the match we tend to lost, our defenders created serious mistakes. You can’t single out a player, our entire defence wasn’t engaged on the night, although we've got a good defence," aforesaid Baliyan.

"It was only one of these days once nothing was operatinghowever it's still period. Going forward, we'd like to figure on all aspects of our game equally, as a result of that’s what makes a team. If the raiders don’t score, we tend to won’t win, and if the defenders don’t defend, we tend to won’t win," another the U Mumba coach.

With a brand new coach and a few high-profile additions, U Mumba area unit expected to try and do well within the league this season, however it hasn't started off swimminglyonce asked if the team was in an exceedinglytough position, captain Fazel Atrachali responded within the affirmative, however stressed that enjoying in an exceedingly league like this can be continuously tough. "There’s nothing completely different regarding this season on behalf of me. Last season, it absolutely was tough, and this season, it'll be tough. Also, once you’re the captain, there’s another responsibility on your shoulders. If your raiders area unit unsuccessful, they give the impression of being at you, and if your defenders area unit unsuccessful, they give the impression of being at you. thereforeyou've got to be powerful," aforesaid Atrachali.

He additionally expressed that city wouldn't be exploitation the very fact that they need a brand new coach as associate excuse, saying, "I’m pleased with my team, i feel it's okay. each season, everything is new within theleague. If you’re ready for that, it doesn’t matter if there area unit new coaches or new players, as a result of you expect it. I’m not very missing Gholamreza Mazandarani, as a result of out of all the seasons I’ve compete here, I’ve solely had associate Iranian coach once. therefore it’s not a retardant."

The first match of U Mumba's home leg guarantees to be a heroic talebecause it sees them developing against geographical area rivals Puneri Paltan, a team that has the higher of them some of times within the not-so-distant past. Baliyan, however, is not daunted by the 'Maharashtra bowler,' oral communication he intends to approach it rather like the other match.

"No matter what team it'swhether or not it's Pune or some other person, it’ll be a decent match. All twelvegroups area unit equally difficult, and you've got to win against all of them. we tend to create completely differentplans for each team, we do not have one only for Pune," aforesaid the coach.

The bowler once morest Pune can see variety of acquainted faces meet again, as U Mumba's new defender Sandeep whale comes up against the team with whom he spent the last 2 seasons. On the flip aspect, Pune's coach Anup Kumar is tasked with the challenge of defeating the aspect with whom he compete for 5 seasons — a aspect that he diode to the PKL title in 2015.

Despite Kumar knowing many of the players at U Mumba closely, assistant coach Upendra Kumar maintained that his city aspect is not fazed by the previous Asian nation captain's data of the team, saying, "Anup Kumar could be a nice player, and he has compete with a number of the folks that area unit here at U Mumba. we all know what arrange he may need to deal with these players, and that we additionally apprehend the choices he has at his disposal. we tend to can’t worry concerning what he’s coming up withwe tend to even have our plans in situ."

Kumar's Pune have gotten off to a small amount of a rough begin, losing their initial match against Haryana Steelers, and Upendra believes the pressure on the first-time coach could play bent U Mumba's advantage, saying, "Anup has lost his initial match, and as a first-time coach, the pressure on him are huge. We’ve won one amongstour matches convincingly, therefore we've got that going for North American nationand that we got to cash in of that."

It might be a bit tough for city to try and do therefore although, with their raiders having did not flip several heads with their subdued performances within the initial few games. The departure of star raider Siddharth Desai has been felt by the city camp, however Sandeep whale is for certain that given time, the younger raiders can perform, saying, "I can’t believe the statement that our raiders aren't doing well. Look, nobody sits reception and makes a reputation for themselves. Our players, a number of whom area unit terribly young, have a chance now around to try and do one thing nice."

"Before last season, not many folks knew regarding Siddharth Desai, however he performed and currentlyeverybody is aware of World Health Organization he's. This ton of players will do an equivalentthis can be the time for young players to shine," complete whale.

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