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indian dog


INDIA & PAKISTAN have exotic indian dog breeds which are upbeat able by any dog breed. check out them and feel proud.
Name it fascination. Name it obsession. Name it social conformity. Most of the dogs that we choose to share area with ‘have’ to be pedigreed breeds. Not just any pedigree, but specially the european and American breeds. Most of the canine breeds we see these days just like the DalmatianGerman Shepherd, the Pug, or the Saint Bernard are motivated by way of media. Or even the people proudly owning these breeds every now and then agree they failed to even realize about them earlier than they were featured on tv.

indian dog breed

Inside the battle to be ‘modern’ and ‘forward-thinking’ the handiest ones who are suffering are the poor Indian puppies. No, this newsletter isn’t always in defense of these terrible abandoned avenue puppies. Because the Indies (as we love to name them) have had latest upsurge in interest and adoptions. But the real sufferers and our dear protagonists are the Indian canine breeds. Breeds that have been advanced in India and originate from our country however had been left out so much which can be now notably depleted in numbers
Maximum of these breeds are pretty extraordinary let alone seen with the aid of most people in India.

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But own country India also have exotic dog breeds which are underestimated by us . I am not saying foreign breeds are not good I am saying that owr tribel dog are best for Indian environment
Different types of breeds found at different region (you can’t afford tebitian mastiff to high temp area if you have you are stupid)
You know what 96% of Indian dogs are street dog they have no home.

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1. Chippiparai

One of the many sighthound breeds originating in India, this dogs breed by royal families in they are pet of kings Chippiparai near Madurai district Tamil Nadu.this breed is native dog breed.loyal and energetic in nature they are used by kings for hunting.they are aggressive to if not well socialized. One of the best dog breed for south is one of the popular Indian dog breed


Price 3K to 5K

2. Mudhol/Caravan Hound

This breed is understood with the aid of numerous names across one-of-a-kind cultures and agencies. Referred to as ‘Karwani’ with the aid of village-folks around the Deccan Plateau location, who commonly undertake this breed as companions for searching and guarding. KCI (Kennel membership of India) recognizes this breed as ‘Caravan Hound’ whereas INKC (Indian countrywide Kennel club) opts for the name ‘Mudhol Hound’. To add to that, the feathered kind of this breed is known as ‘Pashmi’. Communicate about one dog – a couple of personalities.

mudhol/caravan hound

price 4K to 6K
i have a good news for you “Indian army is training caravan hound.and after some time you will see Indian dog breed in owr glory army.


Also known as Poligar hound, is an Indian Sighthound dog breed. It is used by king for hunting.
This breed is an Indian protect dog evolved within the Rajapalayam place in Tamil Nadu. It changed into believed that they had been used to combat in opposition to British Cavalry in some battles.
The most prized look is the white coat like milk with purple nose, although the whiter mutations come with a better chance of deafness as with all other white coat canine breeds. Recently, they are being used by the Indian army as guards alongside the Kashmir border.


Price- 6k to 7k

4. Rampur Hound

or rampur greyhond is one of the native dog breed from India in rampur region(U&P)May be you have heard about this breed. If you have little bit knowledge dog. they are used for hunting
One of the more famous names inside the listing, the Rampur Greyhound (change name) is native to the Rampur location in Northern India, that lies among Delhi and Bareily. It was a desired breed by means of Maharajas of this area to seek large game and defend in opposition to fierce animals like jackals, lions, tigers, leopards and panthers. The Rampur Hound is understood for its endurance as it was built to cover large distances at awesome speeds.

Price -4k to 8k

5.Pakistani bully/Bully kutta/India mastiff

Additionally known as Bully Kutta, or dogo argentino of India its from India and Pakistan and reputed dog breed for hunter till now they are muscular body and huge size weight between 40 to 60 kg
this canine stocks origins from each India and Pakistan and is predominantly observed inside the Punjabplace. They are the most commonplace choice for protect puppies but alas, many of these puppies are still bred and nurtured for dog fighting functions
If you are thinking about American bully and pit bull but you don’t have that much budget you can for Pakistani bully
If you are thinking about American bully and pit bull but you don’t have that much budget you can for Pakistani bully
7k to 10k

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Every other hound from South India, the Kombai (Combai) become bred to seek boar, bison and deer considering that as early as the 9th Century.
In evaluation with the Rajapalayam, the Kombai has a tan coat with generally a black muzzle.
The jaws are wider and plenty stronger as nicely. In recent times, this breed is highly endangered and may be discovered in scarcity in some areas and multiple specialised kennels.

7. Bakrwali/Gaddi

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Every other mastiff-type dog breedGaddi changed into developed inside the Himalayan area through a tribe of the same name. Over time, the Gaddi has become reputed to be a fierce shield canine to guard in opposition to leopards and other predators.
On the equal time, they’re respected as intelligent enough to be herding dogs as properly. Instead of the Indian Mastiff, the Gaddi Kutta isn’t always taken into consideration to be a preventing canine.
Bakrwali dogs are Casian shepherd of India they are two strong & intelligent .medium size
weight between 30 to 50 kg
they are not for first time dog owner because they can be abrasive if you take proper care of him
If you are from himachal, Jammu & Kashmir ,uk or other northen region you can go for them
PRICE 3k to 6k


Kanni is a unprecedented indigenous breed of sighthound also bred in Tamil Nadu.
They’re closely related to the Chippiparai and are said to be descendants of the Saluki. Those breeds had been built to hunt deer as they’re very agile and light on their toes. Generally a silent canine, they may be first-rate as guards of their owners and clean to educate.
However, they act independant when on a hunt as is their disposition. This is one of the rarest breeds on the listing, almost on the verge of extinction. Due to the shortage of right specimen available, no right attempt has been taken to restore the Kanni breed.

9. Indian Parish dog

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also known as the Indian native dog and Desi Dog, this dog breed is one of the oldest dog breed which is domesticated by the human. they are used as the guard dog.
The most primitive and historic breed of dog known to us that belongs to India is this Indian Pariah. A relative of Dingo, this breed has no trace of genetic tweaking or modification from the human facet. Due to this, they proportion an appearance with various different primitve pariah-kind puppies round the world like the Basenji (Africa) , Dingo (Australia), Podengo (Australia) and so forth.

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